Friday, December 10, 2010

Montastic New Feature: Web Page Keywords Verification

We are glad to announce that Montastic now includes the ability to check for the presence or absence of a keyword on a web page. This is useful in a number of cases. For example a web master can catch web application error (e.g. MySQL error) or if your company manages an inventory, you can catch the 'out-of-stock' keyword and send an alert to your store manager when it occurs. For example in our image, the server in red is in error because mysql_connect() text has been found on the page. On the other hand, the green site  - - is alright.

We also tweaked the user interface to make the uptime information visible all the time.

Thank you to our users for their continuous input.


  1. I have tried it but does not seem to work.

    Also, I have checked the webserver logs and I only see "HEAD" requests (which do not contain any body to check content against!).

    is there anything needed to enable this functionality?

  2. If you add a text to be check, then Montastic will use a GET instead of HEAD and check for the keyword. Either add a keyword when you create the checkpoint or later, edit the checkpoint and add/change it.

  3. good feature..this will help to reduce the down time of website..and by sending the information to administrator about a particular application which is not working, will help to rectify the problem more quickly..